Sunday, June 6, 2010

First proper post

University is over for the semester. Folio has beenhanded in. And now my architectural future is in the hands of the markers. I hope I have done well. I hope I impress them. But I'm honestly scared, but as is every other uni student I suppose. Anyway back on track, my first post. I was wondering for a while what I should write my first post on, the conclusion is that I should write it on my most prized garment. My 2010 ball dress, my first ball dress and of current my favourite dress in my wardrobe.With the idea firm in mind long before the release of the ball date I dragged my mum to the shops to find the right fabric to fit my vision. I'll let slip a secret, it didn't work first time around. The chiffon material didn't give the elegant shape I hoped for plus the seams were a little obvious. Second try I went for a thick champagne silk that, thank goodness, worked. Off memory I think I used about 1 and 1/2 m. I always find it difficult to judge how much fabric to buy, most of the time the pattern
asks for way too much, plus I wanted to buy for the skirt and top separately. I was lucky cause the amount I got was perfect with the
pattern just fitting on snuggly. I remember feeling so satisfied to get every piece pinned on, I wish i'd taken a picture but alas I didn't =(. The top was a different story almost completely altered from the original pattern it fitted perfectly to my bust. It was quite a good exercise to let me trust my instincts a little.
Most of the finishing stitches are hand sewed ie the hem the lining to the top lace and the top to the skirt seam. Unfortunately hand sewing an important seam like the top to skirt wasn't such a hot shot idea as on the night it fell off some what( thank heavens fixable with a safety pin). You have now been warned, always carry a safety pin on you!!!! Any way I hope
you like the finished product as much as I do =)
Dress: NewLook pattern 6401
Shoes: Hobbs, black suede heels
Bag: olgaberg, black satin


  1. Cassie, your dress is absolutely beautiful, as are you. You look stunning!! And you are so clever to sew that beautiful dress, and it fits like a glove too!
    Thsnks for the safety pin tip...!!

  2. Oh, it is beautiful, and you look lovely in it! You've done a beautiful job, and you should be proud of yourself. I'm sure your hard work at uni has paid off. My daughter has her degree, and is now on pins and needles waiting to hear if she has been accepted to veterinary college in the fall. So, I'll have my fingers crossed for you both! Welcome to blogging, and I look forward to seeing your sewing projects!

  3. this dress is absolutely gorgeous, you did an amazing job.