Friday, September 14, 2012

Summer Fling!

Did I mention I get really busy?
Opps!  There is really no excuse for the neglect I have bestoed upon my blog.
However although I have nelected to write here I have not completely neglected my fabric stash and passion for fashion.

This skirt is a recent addition to my developing wardrobe for the upcoming summer.  The fabric, bought *cough* last summer on my trip to Sydney sat patiently while I focused on my university studies, until about 3 months ago when I casually decided that this skirt was the skirt.  The skirt that I must wear for a date the coming Saturday.  Due date established I furiously set to work cutting, sewing, tacking, sewing, unpicking, and resewing until finally Friday night, wala!  Skirt finished, and in time fore the big night!  I have to admit I was sceptical about my ability to finish it in time.  I wanted it to be perfect so I could casually say oh yeah it was nothing (despite the hours of labour I had put into making it.)
I followed the pattern closely making slight alterations to make the waist smaller to fit my own.  The waist was cut at a size 8 tapering out to a size 10 for a fuller skirt effect. The main complication in the construction was in the waistband, the fabic has a beautiful indented square design, and in fusing the interface to the front of the waistband this design was flattened.  To fix this I changed the interfaced piece to the inside of the skirt having the "lining" on the outside so the indented fabric could shine in all its glory.

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Burda style 7370
Camosole:  Supré
Wrap Cardigan: Metalicus
Sandles: Dotti

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fabric Wars: A New Hope
holidays are drawing to a finish. Time to give up holidays pass times such as obsessing over a better wardrobe and bedroom arrangements. Yes I’m back to the drawing board, quiet literally, as I start my 2nd year in architecture course. Studding an arts degree requires a impossible cool and out-there wardrobe. This summer I have tried very hard to beak my common déjà-voo wear and dig out the hidden items. One of my most recent finds was this miniskirt I made around 2 yrs ago. Originally I bought and made a knee length pleated skirt from this material. We shall never mention this complete and utter disaster ever again. No Comment. Couple of months later I used the remnants and salvageable parts of the “skirt” to create Young Burda 8176 View B.

Modifications Made: Believe it or not but I kept relatively to the pattern. As you can see I used the length of skirt A. This was because I wasn’t left with much material to work with limiting the skirt length. However I still feel it work out very nicely.

What I’m proud of: The detail on the waist belt front. Creating the detail in the material before cutting from it I produced the detail by folding the fabric under 1 cm then using a zipper foot secured the fold at the top and bottom. There is a measured 0.5 cm gap between the bottom of the 1st fold and the start of the next. Also the finishing on this skirt was impressive to other sewing projects of this period. The side seams have been over locked and I bothered binding the bottom hem and hand stitching it up. This note to detail earned me one of my first genuine compliments on my sewing skills from my boyfriends ( a very proud day!)

What I would improve: At the back of the skirt the waist belt seam… doesn’t match up! Lesson learnt for next time. Always pin important seams and details together before sewing up the seam. Never match the bottom of the skirt, cutting out patterns is never really 100% accurate one side might be longer then the other. This results in un matching waist belt seams or what ever else depending on the garment, fabric and/or pattern.

SingleTop: wardrobe refashion (originally:SES)

Denim Jacket: Portmans

Beach: Whitfords Nodes Beach.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The New Pair

New Wardrobe- Shorts So I said I needed a new pair of shorts, and here they are! In these shorts I have done my part in the world by reducing remnants piles in WA, The main material is a forest green corduroy from the remnants table in fabulous fabrics. The pocket interior uses a contrasting material from my bf's mother's remnants pile.
The pattern is a modified (yes i know, Im addicted to modifications) Burda 8316. One of my favourite pant patterns.
Modifications made,
- The most obvious modification is the length of the pants. Like most people I usually leave the hem till last. Simply pinning the hem at the right length for shorts. Or using a current favourite as a guide (matching crotch seams rather that waist lines.)
- The pattern already has length in the top for a high waisted short however quiet a bit of length needs to be taken from the sides this is best done by pinning to the body.
- The last modification i made is adding a waist belt. I gained the pattern piece from another pattern, Burda 7863. Taking instructions for attactchments also from Burda 7863. Too accommodate the pattern I also moved up the pockets and the back belt loop.
What I'm proud of,
- The shorts are comfortable and easy to wear fitting a lot better then the original Grandpa Pants.
What I could have improved.
- Ummm The colour isn't the best but still goes quiet nicely with my wardrobe.
Just Jeans- tee shirt
Dotti- Sandals
Shorts- Fabulous Fabrics

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grandpa Pants

Wardrobe Refashion- Shorts
I'm not 100% sure of the origins of this name. Well thats not strictly true. I bought theses shorts from Good Sammies. An Extra Large pair of pale linen shorts who were most likely owned by an elderly gentleman before me. It is quiet possible I invented the name myself and forgot. Another likely suspect is my boyfriend who has ben a strong anti supporter of the grandpa pants for quiet some time. Oh well the name has stuck.
Modifications made.
1. Darts. I had to, of cause, add in darts to the back of the pants to force them 'flatter' the female figure. In the vaguest sense of the word. A plus in adding in the darts was that I didn't have to alter any of the existing seams, still not sure if that was a good thing or not.
2. Waistband. To sew in the darts I unpicked a section off the back connecting the belt to the pants. The new design meant of cause the waistband was too big, so to re-attach the belt I had to take the extra length from the centre back overlapping and turning the ends in for a nice finish. To re-sew the back together I used embroidery thread (for the thickness) and hand sewed the pieces back. I also resewed the motives and tags back in place. Just for fun.
What I'm proud of. They shorts are defiantly a favourite in my wardrobe (as much to my boyfriends disgust!) They are comfortable, loose and the fabric is worn and breathable and huge plus in summer (very important!) Also it is easy to hide bulking t-shirts and dress converged shirts under.
What I would change. This pair I re fashioned quiet a while ago. Looking back at them I could have done better. I reckon now it could have looking better if I had altered the back seam a bit making the darts smaller. Also it bugs me that I didn't go to a greater effort to line up the back seam on the belt to the shorts.
Was it worth it. These shorts have served me well in a number of occasions, so it would almost be criminal to say no. Yes it was worth it.
Maybe soon my boyfriend will get his wish and I will drop this pair in favour of a new pair. But not quiet yet.
Chic a booti- Boob tube Dress
Good Sammies- Shorts
Photographer- Carolyn Smith

Monday, December 20, 2010

Top 2 -Wardrobe refashion
All women love gold. Me? well I'm no exception. So when i woke up one morning craving a gold garment in my wardrobe i vowed that i would go to any and all lengths to fulfil this craving. However i would starting to loose hope after trudging through every young adult clothing shop in perth, in a vain attempt the make my day better i waddled tail been legs into Good Sammies and found this top!
Modifications made.
1. Side seams, to get the size rights i used a comfortable t-shirt form my wardrobe as a guild to cut around. make sure when your cutting around a top you already own you either turn the shirt inside out and cut outside the seam allowance or add a seam allowance around the top as you cut. This insures that the top isn't to small after completion. To finish off the new seams i used an overlocked and straight stitch edge i normally use this because i reckon i looks neater and stops the fabric unraveling.
2. Sleeves. The original top had quiet a nice finish already on the sleeves, neckline and hem so i tried to re-use these as much as possible. I really wanted the shorter sleeves so when re-fashioning them i used the bottom half and re used the sleeve hem.
3. I could no however i re-use the hem at the bottom of the top as it would have been to long. To finish this edge off i overlocked folded up the hem and hand stitched around the bottom.
What i would do differently.
Not much really its good top, comfortable casual and goes well with with-in my wardrobe. Although i wish there was a way to stop the hem flicking up to reveal the overlocked seam.
Was it worth it.
Yes it was i got exactly what i want for a 10th of what i would have to pay if i had managed to find the top in the city! i'm very pleased!
Good Sammies- Top
Burda?- grey skirt no doubt you will hear more about this on a latter date!
Photographer- Carolyn Smith

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 1 -Wardrobe refashion
This is one of my
typical night out dresses. I have worn it a number of times to parties and outings. I didn't have an original photo of the dress I refashioned this jacket from but I have photoshopped an image together to give you an idea (please excuse the quality of the image, I'm still in training)
Modifications made.
I'm pretty sure I used pattern Simplicity 3538 B and didn't altered the pattern greatly in this jacket. Of cause there is is some minor adjustments that I just could help but use.
1. The sleeves have been lengthened, this was mainly for looks I wanted the jacket to be elegent than the design and longer sleeves always seem to help in making a garment look more like evening wear.
2. The button has been moved. preference I guess, I've never been a tight to the neck lover.
What I'm proud of.
I was sceptical wether or not i would be able to get all the pieces out of the dress. Even if it was a plus size there are many areas of the garment which are simply lost and completely unusable to the re fashioner. there for it was quiet rewarding to have a full kit of parts to complete the jacket.
What i would do differently.
I would line the jacket, at the moment the seam connecting the collar to body is on the out side of the jacket. Covered as it is by the collar itself i wish i had put the seam on the inside covering it with a contrasting lining material.
Was it worth it.
Yes, this was very much a 'because i can' garment . managing to get a jacket out of a dress very much filled my inner sewer with confidence and pride.
Dotti- floral dress with layered skirt.
SHOOBiZ- high heel sandals
Photographer- Carolyn Smith

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A blue ball and polka dots

Skirt 2.
I made this quiet a while ago a crossbreed between two patterns Burda Young Fashion 8118 and Butterrick 5488
-Modifications made
Well its a cross breed, the front comes from the Butterick design C and the back from BYF design B (modified from hipster to waist)
- What I'm proud of
1. I like the polka dot fabric I reckon it looks innocent and kind of preschool suitable.
2. The combination is flattering allowing
unaltered walking ability as well as hiding my ever problematic... bum. However it also gives a flattering flat front.
-What i would do differently
1. I dont think i will ever use silky material as a facing material ever again. What. A. Night-Mere.
2. I think i would interface the pleats. Because i have opted for the lightweight patchwork material the lack of rigid-ability means the pleats struggle to stay straight through ordinary activities such as trying to get comfortable on the sofa and well not to be too confronting but using the toilet were the bunching and pulling of the skirt doesn't do it any favours.
Oh well all part of the learning process i see.
Good Sammies- black lacy slinky
Fabulous Fabrics- tan and white polka dot skirt
Photographer- Carolyn Smith