Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 1 -Wardrobe refashion
This is one of my
typical night out dresses. I have worn it a number of times to parties and outings. I didn't have an original photo of the dress I refashioned this jacket from but I have photoshopped an image together to give you an idea (please excuse the quality of the image, I'm still in training)
Modifications made.
I'm pretty sure I used pattern Simplicity 3538 B and didn't altered the pattern greatly in this jacket. Of cause there is is some minor adjustments that I just could help but use.
1. The sleeves have been lengthened, this was mainly for looks I wanted the jacket to be elegent than the design and longer sleeves always seem to help in making a garment look more like evening wear.
2. The button has been moved. preference I guess, I've never been a tight to the neck lover.
What I'm proud of.
I was sceptical wether or not i would be able to get all the pieces out of the dress. Even if it was a plus size there are many areas of the garment which are simply lost and completely unusable to the re fashioner. there for it was quiet rewarding to have a full kit of parts to complete the jacket.
What i would do differently.
I would line the jacket, at the moment the seam connecting the collar to body is on the out side of the jacket. Covered as it is by the collar itself i wish i had put the seam on the inside covering it with a contrasting lining material.
Was it worth it.
Yes, this was very much a 'because i can' garment . managing to get a jacket out of a dress very much filled my inner sewer with confidence and pride.
Dotti- floral dress with layered skirt.
SHOOBiZ- high heel sandals
Photographer- Carolyn Smith


  1. I LOVE that jacket. I wish I had one just like it... You did a great job with a limited amount of fabric.
    And I think your dog's haircut is Fabulous...!

  2. Well Cassie A very successful refashion. It looks lovely and just so right for your new work outfit. Granny

  3. I think you did a lovely job Cassie. Congratulations on your new job! I hope you really enjoy it. Merry Christmas!