Monday, December 20, 2010

Top 2 -Wardrobe refashion
All women love gold. Me? well I'm no exception. So when i woke up one morning craving a gold garment in my wardrobe i vowed that i would go to any and all lengths to fulfil this craving. However i would starting to loose hope after trudging through every young adult clothing shop in perth, in a vain attempt the make my day better i waddled tail been legs into Good Sammies and found this top!
Modifications made.
1. Side seams, to get the size rights i used a comfortable t-shirt form my wardrobe as a guild to cut around. make sure when your cutting around a top you already own you either turn the shirt inside out and cut outside the seam allowance or add a seam allowance around the top as you cut. This insures that the top isn't to small after completion. To finish off the new seams i used an overlocked and straight stitch edge i normally use this because i reckon i looks neater and stops the fabric unraveling.
2. Sleeves. The original top had quiet a nice finish already on the sleeves, neckline and hem so i tried to re-use these as much as possible. I really wanted the shorter sleeves so when re-fashioning them i used the bottom half and re used the sleeve hem.
3. I could no however i re-use the hem at the bottom of the top as it would have been to long. To finish this edge off i overlocked folded up the hem and hand stitched around the bottom.
What i would do differently.
Not much really its good top, comfortable casual and goes well with with-in my wardrobe. Although i wish there was a way to stop the hem flicking up to reveal the overlocked seam.
Was it worth it.
Yes it was i got exactly what i want for a 10th of what i would have to pay if i had managed to find the top in the city! i'm very pleased!
Good Sammies- Top
Burda?- grey skirt no doubt you will hear more about this on a latter date!
Photographer- Carolyn Smith

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  1. Your top looks great! I wish I'd seen it in the op shop first...!