Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A blue ball and polka dots

Skirt 2.
I made this quiet a while ago a crossbreed between two patterns Burda Young Fashion 8118 and Butterrick 5488
-Modifications made
Well its a cross breed, the front comes from the Butterick design C and the back from BYF design B (modified from hipster to waist)
- What I'm proud of
1. I like the polka dot fabric I reckon it looks innocent and kind of preschool suitable.
2. The combination is flattering allowing
unaltered walking ability as well as hiding my ever problematic... bum. However it also gives a flattering flat front.
-What i would do differently
1. I dont think i will ever use silky material as a facing material ever again. What. A. Night-Mere.
2. I think i would interface the pleats. Because i have opted for the lightweight patchwork material the lack of rigid-ability means the pleats struggle to stay straight through ordinary activities such as trying to get comfortable on the sofa and well not to be too confronting but using the toilet were the bunching and pulling of the skirt doesn't do it any favours.
Oh well all part of the learning process i see.
Good Sammies- black lacy slinky
Fabulous Fabrics- tan and white polka dot skirt
Photographer- Carolyn Smith


  1. Very smart. I can see you like skirts to have some sort of interesting detail at the back, like the pleats on this one. This is a great idea. Yes, silky fabric is tricky to use for facing. But a lesson learned, and I think it does look nice on the inside when I hang it up on the line :) You did a great job!

  2. Oh, I can see the "blue ball"; it just made it into the photograph!!