Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grandpa Pants

Wardrobe Refashion- Shorts
I'm not 100% sure of the origins of this name. Well thats not strictly true. I bought theses shorts from Good Sammies. An Extra Large pair of pale linen shorts who were most likely owned by an elderly gentleman before me. It is quiet possible I invented the name myself and forgot. Another likely suspect is my boyfriend who has ben a strong anti supporter of the grandpa pants for quiet some time. Oh well the name has stuck.
Modifications made.
1. Darts. I had to, of cause, add in darts to the back of the pants to force them 'flatter' the female figure. In the vaguest sense of the word. A plus in adding in the darts was that I didn't have to alter any of the existing seams, still not sure if that was a good thing or not.
2. Waistband. To sew in the darts I unpicked a section off the back connecting the belt to the pants. The new design meant of cause the waistband was too big, so to re-attach the belt I had to take the extra length from the centre back overlapping and turning the ends in for a nice finish. To re-sew the back together I used embroidery thread (for the thickness) and hand sewed the pieces back. I also resewed the motives and tags back in place. Just for fun.
What I'm proud of. They shorts are defiantly a favourite in my wardrobe (as much to my boyfriends disgust!) They are comfortable, loose and the fabric is worn and breathable and huge plus in summer (very important!) Also it is easy to hide bulking t-shirts and dress converged shirts under.
What I would change. This pair I re fashioned quiet a while ago. Looking back at them I could have done better. I reckon now it could have looking better if I had altered the back seam a bit making the darts smaller. Also it bugs me that I didn't go to a greater effort to line up the back seam on the belt to the shorts.
Was it worth it. These shorts have served me well in a number of occasions, so it would almost be criminal to say no. Yes it was worth it.
Maybe soon my boyfriend will get his wish and I will drop this pair in favour of a new pair. But not quiet yet.
Chic a booti- Boob tube Dress
Good Sammies- Shorts
Photographer- Carolyn Smith

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  1. Cute shorts! You did a great job with making these shorts look shapely and fashionable!