Sunday, January 9, 2011

The New Pair

New Wardrobe- Shorts So I said I needed a new pair of shorts, and here they are! In these shorts I have done my part in the world by reducing remnants piles in WA, The main material is a forest green corduroy from the remnants table in fabulous fabrics. The pocket interior uses a contrasting material from my bf's mother's remnants pile.
The pattern is a modified (yes i know, Im addicted to modifications) Burda 8316. One of my favourite pant patterns.
Modifications made,
- The most obvious modification is the length of the pants. Like most people I usually leave the hem till last. Simply pinning the hem at the right length for shorts. Or using a current favourite as a guide (matching crotch seams rather that waist lines.)
- The pattern already has length in the top for a high waisted short however quiet a bit of length needs to be taken from the sides this is best done by pinning to the body.
- The last modification i made is adding a waist belt. I gained the pattern piece from another pattern, Burda 7863. Taking instructions for attactchments also from Burda 7863. Too accommodate the pattern I also moved up the pockets and the back belt loop.
What I'm proud of,
- The shorts are comfortable and easy to wear fitting a lot better then the original Grandpa Pants.
What I could have improved.
- Ummm The colour isn't the best but still goes quiet nicely with my wardrobe.
Just Jeans- tee shirt
Dotti- Sandals
Shorts- Fabulous Fabrics

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  1. These are great shorts, and beautifully finished (I checked them out while hanging them up on the line...)
    And this is a very useful colour!