Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fabric Wars: A New Hope
holidays are drawing to a finish. Time to give up holidays pass times such as obsessing over a better wardrobe and bedroom arrangements. Yes I’m back to the drawing board, quiet literally, as I start my 2nd year in architecture course. Studding an arts degree requires a impossible cool and out-there wardrobe. This summer I have tried very hard to beak my common déjà-voo wear and dig out the hidden items. One of my most recent finds was this miniskirt I made around 2 yrs ago. Originally I bought and made a knee length pleated skirt from this material. We shall never mention this complete and utter disaster ever again. No Comment. Couple of months later I used the remnants and salvageable parts of the “skirt” to create Young Burda 8176 View B.

Modifications Made: Believe it or not but I kept relatively to the pattern. As you can see I used the length of skirt A. This was because I wasn’t left with much material to work with limiting the skirt length. However I still feel it work out very nicely.

What I’m proud of: The detail on the waist belt front. Creating the detail in the material before cutting from it I produced the detail by folding the fabric under 1 cm then using a zipper foot secured the fold at the top and bottom. There is a measured 0.5 cm gap between the bottom of the 1st fold and the start of the next. Also the finishing on this skirt was impressive to other sewing projects of this period. The side seams have been over locked and I bothered binding the bottom hem and hand stitching it up. This note to detail earned me one of my first genuine compliments on my sewing skills from my boyfriends ( a very proud day!)

What I would improve: At the back of the skirt the waist belt seam… doesn’t match up! Lesson learnt for next time. Always pin important seams and details together before sewing up the seam. Never match the bottom of the skirt, cutting out patterns is never really 100% accurate one side might be longer then the other. This results in un matching waist belt seams or what ever else depending on the garment, fabric and/or pattern.

SingleTop: wardrobe refashion (originally:SES)

Denim Jacket: Portmans

Beach: Whitfords Nodes Beach.

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  1. Cassie, this is just gorgeous!! The photo and the styling of this adorably cute little skirt are really fabulous!
    Have you considered joining the BurdaStyle website? I think you would be a hit!