Tuesday, December 7, 2010

G-Good Morning Misses Burda

Im not much of a 'once a day' type of girl, especially it seems when it comes to blogging. No not with mymemory or patience. So today, considering I'm already here, I have quiet a collection.Most of my new wardrobe follow the general trend antique. Faded patchwork fabrics matched with pattens designed to be 'cute' rather
than 'hot'
Skirt 1,
I think is skirt is my most recent accomplishment. It doesn't follow a pattern as such but it is derived from Burda Young Fashion 8176 B.
- Modifications made,( the reason i was never good fashion an
d textiles student at schoo
l, i can never follow a pattern.)
1. hipster to waist skirt, i just prefer them thats all.
2. added pleats. No addition added to pattern, mod 1 offered addition fabric to play with. the pleat i have used i invented for my architectural folio this semester. All i have done is folded and
zigzagged at 1 cm.
3. zip. I have transferred the zip to the back lowing it below the waistband. Using the extra fabric in the waistband (from mod 1) to cross over and button close the waist for a clo
ser fit.
-What I'm proud of
1. I have hand sewn all the seams and the hem for a crisper finish that looks in my opinion more professional and
2. Mod 3 creates an appealing asymmetrical back.
-What i would do differently
1. preshrink fabric, I will never forge this hugely important step again. no serious damage just a tad too short fortunately ironing at a hot setting helps stretch the skirt out again.
2. add interfacing to waist band. Just to keep it flat and in place even after along long days work.
I never want to be thrusted into adulthood with all its burdens and i feel when wearing this skirt that I'm still a kid. It can be a pleasant comfort.
Country Road- Cream 3.4 sleeve top
Fabulous Fabrics -silver beige floral skirt.
photographer- Carolyn Smith


  1. You do look ultra cute in this skirt Cassie!! I like the little button loops on the waistband at the back. This is a really interesting feature!

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