Saturday, July 3, 2010

How to stand out!!!

So for my 18th Birthday I wanted to wear something that would make me stand out a mile. It had to be flashy but smart as i wanted to wear it into the casino. In the end i envisioned this purple sequin dress that was mid-thigh, A line with thick straps. I wanted the fabric to be the attention grabber which is why i opted for this simple design.
When i was buying the fabric I was scared as to how it was going to sew. But to be honest it was very easy! Even though the fabric was only really a mesh the sequins are what give the fabric the stiffness to allow machine stitching.
Problem i faced while making the dress, the length. The weight of the fabric led to the "knee length" pattern touching my toes!! However when i took some off the fabric bounced back up making the dress too short! In the end i added a large edge that helped neaten the edge as well was weight the dress back down.
Im very happy with the result and hope that i get back up the courage to wear it out again!
Boots: Brown Suede NOVO

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