Saturday, June 12, 2010

So I'm starting to find a little more time in my days!

Yes I'm managing to find more time not only to post but also to sew. It's all about taking advantage of the 20 minutes here and there. Yesterday I had 1/2 hour to spare before my bf came over normally I would mill around feeling bored but this time I productively cut out the pieces for my next project! Yes I'm very proud of myself. Today I'm finding time after work to post about a cardigan I made at the start of this year. It was a bit of a banter as I don't normally like this style but I stuck to it and now I just love the result.
The material I used was a really beautiful white metalicus type fabric which I then dyed after completing. Also the lace
around the neck is salvaged from another garment I found in the op-shop.
Although it appears simple this cardigan took forever! most of the seams had to be hand sew to enhance the quality of the finished product. Marvel at its beauty or at least pretend to for me!
Jeans and Belt from Just jeans
Camisole from Dotti


  1. Cassandra, your cardi is lovely! Isn't it funny how things we aren't thrilled about as we are sewing turn out to be often worn favorites?

  2. I love this cardigan. I love the blue and white together; and the contrast sets off the lace perfectly!

  3. Hi Cassie! I have tagged you in a game of 8 questions, so if you would like to play then please visit me at
    If you have time after your busy day, that is!