Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trash Couture

One of my favourite styles of dress is the
torn chiffon dress.
Last year I whipped a dress up in 2 hours to wear to a party that evening. I mixed 2 patterns and made up some bits as I went along. The result, a dress that my friends all commented many times over. Later on ie, last week I though about doing the same thing but with a python print fabric instead. I was inspired by trash couture a site introduced to me by my mother last year (no doubt a subconscious influence in my first dress.)
I ended up using a pattern i vowed i would never use again simply due to its amazing complexity. For my Yr 11 Dance i made a gold chiffon dress with lining using this pattern. There were many tears and tantrums and then the vow. But this time went much smoother. I only cut out 1 of each skirt piece and waist band pieces, even skipping one skirt piece then fashioned the top part by pinning and basting randomly till i was happy. No tears no dramas.
Originally i left edges raw but i went back and hemmed all edges that looked scrappy. Hopefully I will get a lot of wear out of this dress I'm very pleased with the result and feel that it fits nicely in my wardrobe.
boots: Betts Black Knee-high

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